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The contradiction of Zidane

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The contradiction of Zidane
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Nobody remembers exactly how it happened or how it all started.You don't realise these things at the precise moment but it's not a quick process, this slowing down has been coming over a long period.When you become aware of the situation, your memory is unable to locate the exact location of the damaged file, the virus which infected everything - แทงบอลออนไลน์ and yet the impossible has happened. 'The Estadio Santiago Bernabeu has whistled at Zinedine Zidane' - a more complex phrase than its 22 characters can ever truly illustrate alone. Behind the pupils, Real Madrid remember with clarity the Glasgow volley, his roulettes on the pitch, the day he said goodbye as a player with tears in his eyes. As coach there are the memories from triumphs in both Cardiff and Milan as well as the LaLiga title celebration in Cibeles. Nobody remembers exactly how it happened, what match it was specifically when everything started to turn, the fact is that the Bernabeu is now looking at Zidane as though he was just a man, a stranger or even worse, the coach of the worst Real Madrid in recent years.Everything then seems to break down more whenever there is an attempt to exaggerate the feeling of unity, to close the cracks with coexistence.It begins to incur contradictions.Zidane doesn't want signings, and this is his personal appeal to show everyone his confidence in the squad, however, the 'I care a lot' routine is diluted when you forget players.Against Villarreal he didn't even utilise all his substitutions.Dani Ceballos was in the stands, and Borja Mayoral was warming up for the entire second half only to not even be brought on, แทงบอลออนไลน์ despite the fact the team needed a goal.What's bizarre is how the coach writhes in his seat and laments the team's need to score, yet he leaves the only striker he has on the bench, warming up and looking desperate to get onto the pitch.Zidane says he doesn't want a forward in the winter and that he trusts those he has, but this makes you wonder whether he really does trust them.If the French coach doesn't want new clothes, but also doesn't put on the clothes he already has, the solution to the equation is very simple: you always go out into the street with the same shirt and trousers, irrespective of how dirty they are or how many buttons have fallen off.What remains to be seen is whether this is done by conviction or some kind of loyalty that is bordering on stubbornness.It's still a mystery as to whether Zidane really does wish to dress in the same clothes day after day, or if he melts with desire when he looks at the products shown in the shop windows during the January market. แทงบอลออนไลน์

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